Rain‑X® For the Long Haul

I was driving on home from vacation in Canada on Saturday, July 16th when my windshield wipers got stuck at half position on I-81. I tried everything I knew to get them going but to no avail (bad switch or motor shot). It was raining quite heavily, so after waiting for a dry spell, I went to the nearest town in upper New York state, where I stopped at a gas station to see if they had a mechanic in town. They told me not on a Saturday afternoon. A young lad standing in line asked me what the problem was, I told him and he suggested Rain‑X. He also said that Tru Value might carry it. I was desperate so I’d try anything just so I wouldn’t have to pull over every 10 minutes during the heavy rain.

To make a long story short, I did buy the Rain‑X and applied it to my windshield. Without a word of lie, I drove from New York thru Pennsylvania to central New Jersey without wipers in extremely heavy rain. I was driving the speed limit passing quite a few cars pulled over with their wipers and flashers on. I don’t recommend anyone try this, but I did and the water just beaded up and ran off the windshield. I can only imagine how great this stuff works with working wipers. I just want to thank Tru Value for carrying it and thank you for making such a great product.

If you wish, you can use this testimonial any way you like, free of charge. You folks have saved my day.

Tom M. Trenton, NJ