Rain‑X© Saves The Day

Please accept the deepest gratitude of my husband and myself for Rain‑X.

We drove from Covington, Louisiana to Biloxi, Mississippi for a Sunday outing. We ate and went to a casino and began our return home. It was partly cloudy when we left, but as we drove towards Gulfport, it began to rain a little.

We turned our windshield wipers on and they worked fine; however, as we reached Slidell, Louisiana the rain was pouring and our windshield wipers decided not to work. We could hardly see the end of our car and we were driving on Interstate 12.

My husband just kept pumping Rain‑X on the windshield with the washer button and kept on driving. Without Rain‑X, we don’t know what would have happened. Because of Rain‑X, the rain just kept gliding off the glass and we could see perfectly.

We truly want to express our thanks to you for Rain‑X, it saved our lives.

Sam & Jackie C. Covington, LA