Rain‑X® Helps Solve a Sticky Situation

I would like to share with you how Rain X helped my family out of a dangerous situation. We were moving from Las Vegas NV to Boise ID and we were driving a rental truck. When we hit Wells NV, we ran into a snow flurry. The wiper blades on the rental truck would not clean the windshield well enough for us to see. We pulled over to the side on the road. The snow was coming down in a hurry and building up on the windshield.

Luckily, my husband remembered we had Rain X in the truck of our car that we were towing. He braved the snow to retrieve the bottle and poured it onto the truck’s windshield. He wiped it down with our son’s T-shirt. When he got back into the truck and turned on the wipers, the snow did not stick on the glass and we were able to drive safely.

Thank you Rain X. If not for your product, we would probably be still sitting on the side of the road!

Diane S. Boise, ID