Rain‑X® Is Safety

I just want to say thanks to the makers of Rain X for making a wonderful product, and keeping my family safe when we drive.

I tell all my friends and family that Rain X is part of my personal insurance plan and mandatory on every vehicle I own. I just bought a new car and drove to work in the rain, in the dark this morning without Rain X on the widow. I was very upset I forgot about it. My old car had 100,000 miles and was a sales vehicle prior to my purchasing it. The windshield was extremely nicked up from road debris over the years. I could see better while driving that old car then what I experienced while driving the new car this morning. Much improved sight lines and seating position plus my new car has properly designed driving lights that aid in driving in conditions I experienced today. I will get the Rain X applied as soon as I get home.

If you love someone and want them to be safe while driving in inclement weather, you will apply Rain X to the window. If I was an insurance agent, I would offer a discount to every client that could prove Rain X was applied to the windshield of cars I insured.

Thanks again for keeping my family safe,

Glen Stroik Wisconsin