Rain‑X® Is Safety

I just want to say thanks to the makers of Rain X for making a wonderful product, and keeping my family safe when we drive. I tell all my friends and family that Rain X is part of my personal insurance plan and mandatory on every vehicle I own. I just bought a new car[More...]

Glen Stroik Wisconsin

Rain‑X® Helps Solve a Sticky Situation

I would like to share with you how Rain X helped my family out of a dangerous situation. We were moving from Las Vegas NV to Boise ID and we were driving a rental truck. When we hit Wells NV, we ran into a snow flurry. The wiper blades on the rental truck would not[More...]

Diane S. Boise, ID

Rain‑X® For the Long Haul

I was driving on home from vacation in Canada on Saturday, July 16th when my windshield wipers got stuck at half position on I-81. I tried everything I knew to get them going but to no avail (bad switch or motor shot). It was raining quite heavily, so after waiting for a dry spell, I[More...]

Tom M. Trenton, NJ

Rain‑X© Saves The Day

Please accept the deepest gratitude of my husband and myself for Rain‑X. We drove from Covington, Louisiana to Biloxi, Mississippi for a Sunday outing. We ate and went to a casino and began our return home. It was partly cloudy when we left, but as we drove towards Gulfport, it began to rain a little.[More...]

Sam & Jackie C. Covington, LA